2017/2018 WINTER 

Welcome to onikoube ski & snowboard school
our school opened 30 years from 1987/1988 winter.
We offer ski & snowboard lessons for adult & children and ski raching.
we would like to suport for improve your sking and snowboarding.
hope enjyoy the winter sports with safty and fun !!



22017/2018 winter school open  23.dec.2017-25.mar.2018

  class lessons
SKI Adult    16 and over
for biginner to addvance
 23 Dec. 2017 to 25. Mar 2017  excp class close days
 SKI KID'S     4 to 15for biginner years
 for biginner to addvance
 sat.sun.national holiday
SNOWBOARD  Over10 years and adult
for biginner
  sat.sun.national holiday
SKI RACING   Over10 years and adult   sat.sun.national holiday
school Desk Open    8:40-9:30  12:15-13:00  15:40-17:00
 the school desk in the center cubu next rental center
Reservation by Email   phone 0229-86-2772     
Lesson time   ski&snowboard lesson10:00-12:00 13:30-15:30 
Ski Racing 9:30-12:00 13:30-15:30

Coures  Lesson Fee  etc  
2h lesson(half day)   3,500yen  AM or PM lesson
 4h lesson(day lesson)  5,500yen  AM &PM lesson
4 ×half day lesson ticket  12.000yen 2017/2018 winnter only
for gloup and family
No refund 
 4 ×day lesson ticket  20.000yen
★not included lift pass and rental 

Hot Deals 
one day lessen(4h) + lift ticket + ski or snowboard rental packege

Reservation by 16:30 a day before the lesson
packege  CHILD 
under 12 years old
 First Timer packege 6,500yen 8,000yen
 Bignner packege  7.100yen 9,700yen
+ wear rental
please bring gloves, knitted hat, neckwamer and goggles with you
1,000yen  1,500yen
■ reservation by 16:30 a day befor the lesson  by Email 
■ lesson date, sik or snowboard, Name, age, contact address or phone number, ski and anowboard level,
 height/weight/ shoes size is required for rental
■the lesson day   please chaked in the school office between 8:40 am. to 9:30.  lesson will start 10:00 am
■ if you will take the bus from sendai or furukawa, please let us know.

basically class lesson with in Japanese and some english.
some of insutoructors are speak english for private lesson. please ask

Private lesson
if you would like have a ski instructor for yourself or Family........
please make a resarvation in advance.   school office open 8:30-17:00    Email
private lesson
up to 2 pp 
semi private
3 to 5 pp
week day private lesson
up to 2 pp
semi private
3 to 5 pp
with English
2h private lesson
10:00-1200 or 13:30-15:30 
12,000yen  15,000yen 20,000yen
one day(4h)private lesson
10:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30
22,000yen  25,000yen 40,000yen
morning & Late aftenoon
1h lesson
8:45-9::45 & 15:45-16:45
8,000yen  6,000yen

night time private lesson
1h lesson
when night ski are open
10,000yen - -

SKI & SNOWBOARD Level & class

first timer           Learn how to control the speed&snow-plow
Bignner            Learn how to control the speed&snow-plow turns
Bignner/Intermediate  Snow-Plow Turns to Sytem turns  learn how to make parallel turns
Intermediate         Basic parallel long&short turns
Advanced            fine Palrallel Long&Short Turns and challenge difficult situation....
SNOWBOARD first timer   Learn how to control the speed & Side slip
Bignner     Learn how to side slip and make the turns

when you take our ski&snowboard lessons,
please wear cap, hat helmet sungrass, gogle etc,,,for ski and snowboarding.
The lesson are not included accident insurrance.
self injyury and accident will be your own lisk

School Director
Professional Ski Instructors Association of Japan (SIA) Dirctor
 SIA Full Certificated Ski Instructor ISIA Certificated Ski Instructor
 SIA alpen ski Examiner
 ■Teaching Experience and etc...
 1987-  present         onikoube ski & snowboard school
 1988-1993 1996&1998  Thredbo ski school Australia
 1983-1986            Tenguyama ski school hokkaido
 1990-1999             SIA Demonstrator
 1991 1995 1999       Inter ski national demonstrator
 1972-1983            ski Racing experience. All japan alpen ski chanpion ship etc,

Ippei sakon
SIA Demonstrator
makoto abe
satoru atumi haruna takahashi
kengo suzuki

  9-55 komukaihara onikoube narukoonsen
oosaki city miyagi 989-6941 Japan
school phone 0229-86-2772 fax 0229-86-3518